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Not every case goes to trial, but having a trial lawyer in your back pocket puts you in a powerful position. Whether your freedom is on the line with a criminal charge or your family’s future is at stake with a divorce or custody issue, you deserve top-notch legal guidance. That’s where we come in.

At Roseman Miller Law, you will find trial lawyers with the skill and experience it takes to get results. We are proud to serve as a voice for clients in the legal system. With more than two decades of experience trying cases in half of Kentucky’s 22 counties, we are licensed in both state and federal courts.

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Lillian Wuest

Lillian Wuest is the first smile you see when you enter our office. She is always prepared to answer questions and help in any way possible. With over five years of experience in both customer relations and management, she strives to help clients through difficult and challenging times.

Our Areas Of Focus: Criminal Defense And Family Law

In both criminal and family cases, the stakes are often high. The outcome will shape your future in big and small ways. You deserve the kind of representation it takes to fight for the results you deserve.

Our lawyers can help you mount a strong criminal defense against all kinds of charges, including DUI/DWI and serious traffic offenses. In family law cases, we bring a thorough approach to help you lay the foundation for a bright future.

Focused On Your Needs

We understand how stressful it can be to navigate criminal and family law issues. Our goal is to alleviate that stress by shouldering your legal troubles.

You can expect our lawyers to put your interests first at each stage of the case, providing open and honest communication so you know what to expect. We have a client management specialist who will reach out to you proactively, checking in and keeping you informed of your case. And you can always let our lawyers know about any questions or concerns you have along the way.

We also use a client management software system that allows you to access everything you need to know associated with your case: the filings, court dates, courtroom and which hearings you need to attend. Clients appreciate direct access to the details of their case.

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