As Defenders Of Justice,
We Are Your Voice

Why Hire A Lawyer?

BAIL/BOND: Everyone charged with a crime is entitled to a reasonable bail so they can post bond, get out of jail, get back to their families, resume work, and assist their attorney in defending the accusations against them. Many of our clients need evidence — like a blood draw or video surveillance — preserved so it is not lost, erased, or recorded over. Whatever your issue, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you and your rights are protected.

INVESTIGATION:  Police are looking for information they can use to charge and then convict you. This investigation will lead to what they characterize as evidence, which can come from several sources, including you. Everyone knows that they have the right to remain silent and speak to an attorney, but police are specially trained to get people to talk, especially when they don’t want to. We make sure that any evidence they have obtained was done so legally, including any incriminating statements you may have made. In other words, we don’t just rely on law enforcement’s narrative when examining and defending your case. We build our own narrative by conducting our own investigation into what really happened, and start by scrutinizing how officers conducted their investigation. Just as there are consequences if you do not follow the law, so are there when the police do not.

NEGOTIATION:  Once the police believe they have enough evidence to charge you, a prosecutor takes over. If you find yourself in court, it’s usually unwise to try and resolve the case yourself by talking to the prosecutor. Some prosecutors won’t even talk to you because they know how easy it is for a defendant to say something incriminating and not even realize they are doing it, and those who do talk to you will often shut the conversation down if you don’t immediately agree to their terms.

Negotiation is a skillful art that many spend their entire lives mastering. Even if you’re the best salesman in your company, and have studied up on the law applicable to the charges against you, you probably know little about procedure, courtroom decorum, the judge you’re in front of, or what a “good deal” actually is. All this and much more immediately puts you at a disadvantage. If you want the best chance at the best outcome possible, we will investigate, challenge evidence, and work to limit the myriad consequences you’re facing to ensure your case is disposed of favorably. And once your case is over, we can help clear up your record by petitioning the court for expungement.

If you’ve been contacted by law enforcement, remember that you don’t have to talk. Our business card is the only information you need give them. Once you’ve retained our firm, you no longer have to stress over who’s knocking at the door or calling your cell phone from blocked numbers – let us do the talking and worrying, that’s what we’re here for.